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Fast, East and Extreme 2


The Fast, East & Extreme series continues with its 2nd and latest installment, bringing you closer, faster & techniques, taking you on a tour through the very best of Japanese performance car culture.

Battle Magazine - Battle of Drift.
Unbelievable talent, highly tuned cars and a full on battle to find the best new Japanese talent on one of the best tracks in the world. The first round of the Battle of Drift 2005 kicked off at Tsukuba Circuit. We bring you all the action including full in car footage, closely filmed action and incredibly close Twin drift battles!

Garage Saurus.
Makers of the infamous 1000bhp, orange, dual-purpose drag and track car – Japan’s fastest all round GT-R ever. An absolute work of mechanical art and technology. We bring you an exclusive first interview with Hayashi, and Saurus’ history, Nob Taniguchi, from when he was just a street racer to now, with in car footage of the Saurus R32 in his hands at Tsukuba. Probably the most special demo car in Japan today and Japan’s most exciting tuner of all.

Weld Technique Factory
The D1 Grand Prix newcomers. Their JZX100 D1 Street Legal car is a truly amazing machine, we visit their premises, drive their car on the street and track and burn serious rubber in anger!

Tsukuba Super Battle.
The premier event for Japanese tuning companies to flex their muscles. This time attack event around Tsukuba Circuit is heart pounding stuff... We take you there in depth. Trackside cameras, full on board cameras and interviews. Feel how M Speed’s full race car accelerates and corners and partner with Nob Taniguchi at the wheel for the quickest lap of the year.

Latest from BIG X drift extreme show – the wildest drift show of all. Tour Tokyo Auto Salon 2006 - And much, much more!!!!!!! Our best production yet!

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Fast, East and Extreme


Take a 2 hour High Speed ride through Japanese street culture.

Street Drifting, Night racing, Mountain touge and Wangan top speed runs. 100% real and 100% Illegal.

Filmed on location throughout 2004 in Japan and the UK, Fast, East & Extreme takes you on a detailed tour through the best highlights of the Japanese scene.

Visit HKS, JUN Auto, FEELS' (Honda Twincam), SCOOT and VeilSide. Take an inside look at their competition showpieces, their workshops and meet the men who create these motorsport monsters.

Tour the BigX Drift Extreme, Japanese D1, Tokyo Auto Salon 2004, Hakone Skyline and much more in the epic trail through Japan's high octane, racing and car culture.

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Skylines and Skyscrapers


Newera Imports was founded in 1998, a company with a passion for Japanese sports cars, based in both Tokyo and England, this is their story...

Skylines, Impreza's, RX7's, Supra's and many more, behind the scenes tours around the workshop's of Knightsports and Top Secret, interviews with their staff, a look at their race cars and an insight into the Japanese tuning industry.

The Highway rest stops filled with high powered Japanese muscle , wild customs and the incredible sound off vehicles. The Tokyo Auto Salon, a car show like no other and Crystal, a parts store like no other.

Drifting at the Ebisu race circuit, A look at the roads in the Hakone Mountains that created a sports car legend, The notorious Wangan Expressway and finally the infamous Tokyo C1 Highway... it has to be seen to be believed.

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